Thank god it’s Friday

Hey all,

So after a long and somewhat relaxing week, my girlfriend is finally back. She flew in late last night and boy was I happy to see her. I picked her up from the airport at 11:30pm and immediately jumped on her.

While I have had a relaxing time to myself, I am so happy she is back because in all honesty, she keeps me sane. Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing Friday.



People always need help. Please, if you’re suffering, reach out, you are not alone.

It’s scary to talk about my experiences with anxiety and depression and ptsd. But I think it’s only scary because of the stigma and judgment people put on me. People can be very quick to judge one another. But, nowadays I’m open to sharing more about my personal experiences if it could possibly help someone else.

No matter what you’re going through you’re not alone and there are people who want to help. I’ve had to seek help multiple times in my life and I’m glad and grateful that I reached out for help when my instinct was to stay in pain in isolation.

I am a great listener and a great bridge to other resources if anyone is ever interested. Mental health is so important and each person deserves peace of mind.