Hey everyone,

so as my Mono has calmed down a little and I have pretty much passed the contagion period, I decided to take Sophie, my fiancee, on a real date and give her a real proposal. I planned an entire day and ended up stealing the ring I gave her and took her to the beach and actually got down on one knee. I know maybe to some people it doesn’t sound necessary but I know Soph wanted an actual proposal and something romantic so it was important to give her that. She has been the most amazing caretaker while I’ve been sick and I owe her an actual proposal.  While we aren’t going to actually have a wedding for a while, Soph did tell me she wanted to plan the entire thing which I don’t mind and that all I have to do is to show up.

Anyways, I will be more active as I feel a lot better. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone.

Don’t let someone go that you really love because nothing  else matters 

In February, this queen became the most important part of my entire life and I fell head over heels in love with her. In March, I asked her to move in with me and in May , I asked her to marry me. Two weeks ago, we decided we wanted to start a family together and I couldn’t be happier to the joy this amazing person gives me. I have had a lot of long and failed relationships and have fallen in  love with people I couldn’t realistically be with. Today, I am so happy the other relationships failed because I found my soulmate and the only person in the world I’d ever change my mind about wanting kids for. It’s so amazing to have someone in your life that you never get tired of being around and it’s even more amazing to have that love reciprocated. A year ago in September, I fell for a girl in Canada and in February, she never spoke to me again and left me in the wind and I thank her everyday for that now because I have an amazing woman in my life now, who also happens to be Canadian. I want to travel the world with this girl and grow a family with her. I fall in love more everyday because I learn more from you everyday and I can’t wait for what the future holds. You stuck by me through so much whining and have been the best caretaker while I’ve been sick. I am so excited for the summer and so many more summers to come. Thank you my queen, my rock, my universe.