Hey everyone,

so as my Mono has calmed down a little and I have pretty much passed the contagion period, I decided to take Sophie, my fiancee, on a real date and give her a real proposal. I planned an entire day and ended up stealing the ring I gave her and took her to the beach and actually got down on one knee. I know maybe to some people it doesn’t sound necessary but I know Soph wanted an actual proposal and something romantic so it was important to give her that. She has been the most amazing caretaker while I’ve been sick and I owe her an actual proposal.  While we aren’t going to actually have a wedding for a while, Soph did tell me she wanted to plan the entire thing which I don’t mind and that all I have to do is to show up.

Anyways, I will be more active as I feel a lot better. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone.