If you were to tell me in 2017 that I would be afraid for my life and rights in America, I would absolutely think you’re crazy. It is now 2017 and I can tell you, I am more than afraid for my life and rights in a country where I have grown up and call home. I am a 26 year old women, who is of mixed race, has had an abortion, been sexually assaulted, and is openly bi-sexual, and for the first time, I feel I don’t belong.

I grew up in Houston Texas, but have always longed for California. I was teased at school for being bi-sexual and as a result, I got sent to boarding school, which I hated. As a teenager, I felt rejected by everything and everyone, so I put my energy into school and sports, both of which I excelled at. I went to a prestigious school on the East Coast, where my education was stellar, so I guess, I shouldn’t be complaining.

I isolated myself to deal with the emotional pain of not being able to be who I was, and used that anguish and graduated high school at 16. I decided to go to Dartmouth undergrad but in the summer, I traveled to Ghana and extended my education to the following year.

When I began Dartmouth the following fall, I still struggled with my identity. I initially wanted to study bioethics and chemistry, but something that happened my freshman year turned my entire life around and ignited¬†my love of politics. In the middle of freshman year, I went to a party where I was gang raped and drugged. I remember very little of the event, but the trauma that followed, coupled with my own insecurities about myself, pointed me in the direction of women’s activism. After that incident, I began to get more involved in school governance where I grew and became more comfortable ¬†with myself. After graduating Dartmouth with a dual degree in political philosophy and biology, I went to Harvard Kennedy School of Government where I got my Masters in Public Health and Policy.

I started this blog as a place where people who don’t exactly fit in or know who they want to be or know who they are, can come to accept that every women, man, child or adult, has been in your shoes before

I also started this blog as a place where women and political issues see eye-to-eye and can be a community where people can discuss important political and social issues.

My name is Rachel Brittany Quinn and I was born in Houston Texas. I am proudly mixed race, a women, and Bisexual. I care about politics, women’s issues, and the environment.