4 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Interesting blog and I agree with everything.
    But I was thinking though
    Is fantasizing about someone as cheating?
    The reason why I asked is because isn’t it normal to be attracted to other people even if you in a relationship.
    I don’t know if I think fantasizing is cheating becuase I think it’s to have fantasies about other people.
    Is it cheating if you fantasize about having sex with some else if your in a relationship?

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    • I think as long as your partner knows about it. I tell my wife if I have a crush on someone or think someone is attractive but I don’t fantasize about other people. I think its cheating if it’s on an emotional level. If you are finding yourself thinking about a person and that makes you more happy than your current partner that would create an issue. . I also think every relationship has their own definition and criteria for cheating

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  2. I agree every relationship do have their own criteria for cheating.
    When I say fantasize I meant more like just on an attraction basis.
    Not on some catching feelings or anything like that.
    Like I think most people have a celebrity crush so I from time to time you may fantasize about your celebrity crush. But it’s called a fantasy.
    Now if you fantasize about somebody at your job, or spouse sibling, friend, just some women u know then I think it’s a problem
    But I understand your point of view

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