A year ago things were so different

So one year ago I met a girl who I didn’t know would change my life. Now one reading this automatically would assume its my wife, well surprise its not. At this point you’re probably thinking I’m a dick, but let me explain, because I promise I’m not.


A year ago I was in an incredibly abusive relationship and pregnant.  For comfort I often turned to basketball, a sport I played competitively throughout my childhood and in college. To keep the story short, I turned to Instagram and reached out to someone with a mutual interest in women’s basketball and I told her something I had never told anyone before, I was in an abusive relationship and pregnant with a child that I wasn’t sure I was ready to keep or deal with. She showed me an unbelievable balance of compassion and reality and made sure I was okay. As our conversations quickly grew more frequent, we soon began talking everyday. She was the first person I told when I eventually lost the baby and ultimately, left the guy.  At this point I had learned she was a young college student in Canada and I was in Houston spending time with my family and protecting myself from my crazy ex boyfriend who was threating me.

While the girl and I kept talking and realized we liked each other a lot more than we thought, we never acted upon those feelings because we both knew long distance is hard and we didn’t actually know each other, I also had a new boyfriend, Eric, who the girl knew about. To keep it brief and to the point, in February of this year, we ended our conversations in a much explosive matter. (Earlier posts go in detail of the entire event). She stopped responding to my emails, phone calls, text messages, and any other form of communication.  To put it bluntly, she ghosted.  I was first pretty upset and hurt as she had become an important part of my life and someone I confided in about the most sensitive of topics. People who know me know that I am perfectly comfortable dwelling in my own thoughts as I learned the feelings won’t go away until they are confronted and acknowledged. However, I soon delve myself into medical school and met another Canadian, my wife.


Now I don’t know what we were or what exactly happened, but my point of this post was to say at a time when the anniversary of losing my baby is coming up, I owe her probably my life. I don’t know if I would be standing here today if I had not reached out to her and she gave me the hard truth about leaving my ex. Now we haven’t spoken in over 5 months and I don’t know if she even cares about me at all, but I thank her everyday because I am now the happiest person in the world. I have a wife, we are going to be adopting kids, and I do thank her for that.


We probably wont ever talk again but I cherish those brief months of communication and thank her for showing me compassion and understanding.


Thank you for everyone who read this and I am sorry it was so jumbled.


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