Trauma (trigger warning: Rape)

Hey everyone, so this is something I have been wanting to share for a while but ever really had the right time so Soph, my wife, just told me to go for it. It has been hard for me to talk about what happened but it was about 7 years ago so here it goes..

7 years ago today I was raped. 7 years ago today my life changed because of it and my understanding of my body evolved in ways I didn’t even know possible. 7 years later, living with depression and I’m still here. Even though there are some days when it can be hard to be or some days when I wish this wasn’t a trauma I had to hold. Even though some days this trauma can feel heavy.

And I’m still here.

Smiling. Surviving. Thriving.

I woke up today and felt light. I usually await this day with anxiety in how it will make me feel. But today I feel vibrant. And happy. And strong.

Letting my traumas shine through me like the sun. Loving myself, especially on the days that my power and my agency were challenged. Loving myself completely and in all of my complexities.

Thank you all for listening and have a great day 🙂


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