New House

Hey everyone,

so Sophie and I moved into a new house for personal reasons and we couldn’t be happier with our new location. We are still in LA, but just moved into a house that we can call ours. I am letting Soph take point on interior design and remodeling. Marriage has been great and yes, complicated and different, but in all that complexity, marriage is amazing I was against marriage for the longest time and I am so glad I found someone to make me second guess myself and want marriage and a family.


Sophie and I have also decided to adopt children in the near future and can’t wait, something else I changed my mind about. I keep telling my friends who are against marriage that maybe it takes the right person and they shouldn’t say never.

Sophie went to Canada for a few weeks last night to be with her family for their reunion  and I already miss her like crazy but I have business to take care of here and she will be back in a few weeks.

Happy Sunday y’all.


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