Honeymoon SD

Hey everyone.

So this weeks been really hectic. After we eloped and got married, we rushed off to San Diego for our honeymoon. We’ve been here for a few days and are enjoying ourselves throughly. Even with the many congratulatory text messages and phone calls, being married doesn’t feel different. We know we have moved really fast and I can still hear the disapproval of some in my head, but it shouldn’t matter what other people think. This year has been tumultuous and at times, unbearable, and I am finally happy, which in my book, is really the only thing that mattes. I understand and even appreciate all the hesitancy from my family and friends, but they should realize that Sophie and I are as happy as I possibly can be. Yes we fight, we disagree, we have different world views, but that is what makes a relationship meaningful. I learn from her everyday and am happy to come home from work or school or whatever I may be doing , to a wonderful person who appreciates me in spite of all my flaws and idiocy.

As we continue our honeymoon and our life together, I can’t wait for the future and to build a family with my person. I wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July and as my wife reminds me, a happy Canada Day.


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