Spending time with my mom

Hey everyone,

So we just got back to LA last night and we rented a Airbnb for my mom and Sophie’s parents to stay at since we wanted some privacy after the long vacation. In case you missed it, Sophie’s parents came to visit as well from Canada. They have been getting along really well, a little more than we had hoped.(Jk) They have been getting along so well, they went to a wine bar when we got back and all hung out together.

After they got back, Sophie went to the Airbnb with her parents while my mom hung out with me and we had a good talk about the engagement and how she is proud of me. She apologized for being difficult and she said she really likes Sophie a lot and thinks she’s good for me. Obviously, I agree. Hearing that from my mom, who hasn’t always been supportive, made my year so far.

As the week goes on, I can’t wait to spend more time with my mom, Sophie, and her parents,

More later


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