Post Engagement thoughts

Hey everyone,

So I got engaged, I have had a lot on my mind. All good of course, but it’s important to say that before this engagement, I was never really a big fan of marriage. I had been engaged before but to be honest, it didn’t feel as exciting or real as it does with my fiancee.  I didn’t have a problem with marriage, but I didn’t think it was for me. However, I think meeting the right person has changed me. I have been in a lot of relationships in my life, some of my ex’s I am still in contact with, and some, I parted on more difficult or acrimonious terms with. With Sophie, my fiancee, it’s different. We disagree, we fight, we yell, but with all that, we always come back and work it out. We see our differences as learning opportunities and always challenge each other to grow. I haven’t had a relationship like that before and I mean no disrespect to my past relationships but not everyone your with is compatible. I am so excited to make a life with my fiancee and look forward to spending Memorial Day Weekend with her and my family.




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