Hey everyone, I am sorry I have had a very busy weekend which included me asking my girlfriend to marry me which she said yes. Now before I tell you how I proposed, very lowkey by the way, I do want to say that I know for a lot of people are going to be against it and my mom will have a panic attack. Even though I haven’t been dating Sophie, my fiancee, for that long, but I know that she makes me happier than anyone has in a long time. She has put up with me at my worst and has never judged me. I look up to her and appreciate her patience and understanding because I know I am not easy and I am so lucky to call you my partner in crime, my best friend, and my soon to be wife. I love you so much babe. 

So what happened was very low key and went more like a conversation rather than your typical down on one knee proposal.  We were at dinner and drinks   and and I said “you know I kinda wanna marry you and I’m not saying I wanna marry you now, because I know it’s fast but I’m super happy with you and I want you to know I take you seriously”  she smiled and like got up and kissed me and said  “If that was a proposal my answer is yes”. It certainly wasn’t a straightforward proposal but I was asking her in my own unorthodox way. I couldn’t be happier with her because she makes me a better person everyday. Love you babe. 


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