For anyone else out there, you’re not alone 

Just gonna go out on a limb real quick. I’ll just be right out there and say it, since I haven’t really found another way to be. Here’s a little snippet of reality, not just for me, but for others as well. I have ADHD. I was diagnosed around 5th grade. My brain bounces from wall to wall, up and down, and all around, even in directions that aren’t made up yet. It’s a struggle, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I LOVE that I have ADHD. It keeps life interesting. It’s always  kept life interesting, just ask my mom 😅. There is nothing “wrong” with me though, despite what some will say, it’s just the way my pistons fire. It’s frustrating for anyone and everyone, at any given point in time, but here I am, with a brain that won’t quit. Despite how discouraged I get sometimes, despite how impossible things may seem at times, despite how many times I’ve wanted to bang my head against a wall, I am still here. I love being here. I’ve come unbelievably far and I’m damn proud. I am strong and brave, though sometimes I want to hide under a rock for a while. If I could hold still for a moment, that’s probably where you might find me on occasion. That, or in a tree. But alas, I cannot. It is extremely hard to hold still, though I will try. If you’re like me, you understand. If you are not, hopefully you will try. If you are, fudging kudos to you. I feel your struggle and I see your light. One foot in front of the other, amiright? 👈👊🖐


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