Monday Update

Hey everyone,


I am sorry for the lack of posting this weekend, I flew home Saturday night to surprise my mom for mothers day. With that being said, I really hope everyone had a great weekend and had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

People are usually surprised to know, Mother’s Day is one of my favorite Holidays. I don’t have the most usual relationship with my Mother and we have our fights and disagreements frequently. However, every single year, no matter the state of our relationship, I make it my priority to fly home and see her, even if we are fighting. A lot of people are surprised by this action but I see it as a priority to put my anger aside for a day because she ultimately gave me life and I owe her because I have a privileged life because of her.

This year, our relationship has been a lot better and we talk everyday. I am so grateful to all the mothers out there, you all do marvelous work.



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