Hey everyone,

I apologize for the delay on posts, its been a busy week. I have been thinking about online relationships as opposed to in person relationships and even read Sherry Turkle’s book “Alone Together” again. I found myself intrigued with the topic because in a world where we constantly communicate with emails, text messages, and social media messages, I couldn’t help but wonder if my girlfriend had a point that there is something superficial about an online relationship. I still think it is important to note that it depends on the type of relationship and the level of communication and that I think it can be meaningful. But on the other hand, I understood her point because with all the screen time we spend, being in a relationship with someone in person is gratifying.

My mind started wondering what would have happened if my girlfriend had been there after I lost the baby instead of the Canadian, would she have had so supportive or even convinced me to leave. Maybe it is inauthentic and superficial, but it also is easier to say something over a screen than it is in person. I probably wouldn’t have told anyone in person but there was something so easy about confiding something so personal over technology. I think there are valid points to both sides but my girlfriend asked me something interesting because she knew how hard I took the Canadian’s acrimonious behavior, she asked if I regretted reaching out because the Canadian regretted the entire thing and I said I don’t regret it at all because while some people aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever, she helped me in a time where I didn’t feel I had anyone else. And I said when she left it was also a blessing because when she stopped loving me, it was the beginning of me loving myself.


Happy Friday everyone


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