Friendships and Relationships Part II

So, after my post yesterday about friendships and relationships, it apparently caused my girlfriend to become incensed, why, I still don’t know. It caused her to fly into a fit of rage to which I actually found funny because I told her, “you realize you changed my entire view on this right, and that’s a good thing.” She didn’t seem to care about that part. I kept probing, trying to figure out what could have possibly pissed her off. Keep in mind, this argument took place over 3 hours starting at 10pm. I kinda smiled and asked if this was about the Canadian girl to which she kept glaring at me and replied, “obviously not.” I then said “okay then instead of being silent can you tell me why you’re mad at me,  if this is really not about the Canadian.” She turned to me and said, “you never ever told me you where ghosted, and you didn’t tell me you had ended relationships over friendships.” I then kinda got her anger and told her that I don’t really talk about being ghosted because it happened a long time ago  and as far as ending the specific relationship it was a lot more complicated than that. I explained that I wasn’t serious about that specific person.

I promised her I was 100% serious in this relationship and this argument is kind of ridiculous because I am not going to walk away  and that I am in the best place in my life because of her.

While we aren’t perfect, she did eventually agree the topic is definitely intriguing. The argument turned into a conversation about principles and morals that actually probably needed to get talked about anyways.


More to come later


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