Back in LA

So, after a stressful weekend to say the least, I finally landed back in Los Angeles last night. I got called in for a family emergency and another emergency ended up happening while I was there which is why I have been distant lately.

While I shouldn’t specify in detail the events of what happened because it is not my story to tell, I will say the weekend was a brutal lesson in how people deal with Mental illness and how it can damage themselves and severely impact those around them.

I do come from a family where my mother is a therapist but I have not seen it from the perspective of a patient. The entire plane ride back, I was enamored by the idea of freedom of expression and for some that may be confusing because I simply cant go into detail of the events of what happened. What I mean by that is  while society tells us to take medication, which I totally agree with, often times mental illness patients don’t want to because it limits their emotional expressions and almost takes on a robotic tone.

The weekend also forced me to think about the stigma associated with mental illness and how many are too quick to judge it instead of developing a deeper understanding.

Anyways, excuse my rambling. I just wanted to share a more personal post on my thoughts.

More later.






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