More of an update

Hey all,

sorry my weekend got very busy, I went to the studio to do some art on both my fashion line and personal artwork. But in the last few weeks, a lot has been going on. First of all, the ex boyfriend that I have been writing about, has been asking my friends about me and lurking on my social media sites, forcing me to change usernames and in one case, make an entirely new twitter account. So that is partly my reason for my lack of posts recently for which I apologize.

Secondly, my girlfriend extended her trip till Friday so in total, she will be gone 1 week. It has been very difficult, but in reality, probably one of the best things as I am appreciating my alone time and the distance has strengthened our relationship. But what it really did to me was force me to understand what an amazing person she is and how much she means to me. Going through a stalking situation from a violent ex boyfriend has been traumatic to say the least but my girlfriend has been able to calm me down, while being miles away. Before I met her in February, I was in a pretty dark spot and it turns out, the Canadian girl leaving was the best thing to ever happen to me because it opened unimaginably beautiful doors. So while this was supposed to be an update, while I write this steam of consciousness, it really has turned into a homage for my girlfriend, who is my my warrior princess.

Anyways, I plan to write more now that I feel my life has finally fallen into place and I definitely plan to use this week to be grateful for those in my life and focus on the present because at the end of the day, we dont know that what we have now, will be with us tomorrow.


Happy Monday Y’all.


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