Saturday update

Hey all, so another reason why I came home from Europe in February was because my brother and his long time girlfriend had a baby born February 17. He and his girlfriend decided to come visit me and meet my new girlfriend and stay with us for a week10888480_10205004515048546_7818888602241557793_n.jpg

To explain my excitement, it’s important to note that my brother is my absolute best friend and as a kid I absolutely idolized him, following his footsteps in everything. He played soccer seriously so I decided to play soccer although we still argue about our favorite teams, I am a Lionel Messi Fan and he’s a Real Madrid Fan. He decided to become a doctor so I decided to follow his footsteps and go to medical school . He is my best friend and I tell him everything. I have not seen him in over 6 months and I have yet to meet my nephew, who stayed with my mom back home in Houston.

So if my posts seem lighter next week, it is because I’ll be spending time with him.



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