UConn’s 111 game win streak snapped by Mississippi State.

In a game where height is so important, it was the smallest player on the court making the most noise. Last night Mississippi State behind 5-foot 5 junior guard Morgan William took down number one UConn in what was a shocking game from the beginning.

Earlier this week, Mississippi State again behind  Morgan William , took down Baylor where she scored an astonishing 41 points, had 7 assists and 0 turnovers.

In Friday’s game against UConn, The bulldogs come out with an energy that no team against UConn has done this year. What’s perhaps more amazing than UConn’s 111 game win streak is that a year ago, UConn crushed this same team by  60 points.

Mississippi state came out swinging and by halftime they led UConn 36-28. However, UConn bounced back and at one point pulled ahead. By the the end of the 4th quarter, the game was tied. The game in classic fashion went into overtime where UConn hasn’t won since 2004.


(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

In overtime, the game continued to go back and forth and with 26.6 seconds left in the game, Mississippi State got hit with a flagrant foul and UConn on two free-throws tied the game.  With the game tied now and seconds remaining, Morgan William made a jump shot to win the game and shock the world.

The arena exploded as most were rooting for the underdogs who had just done the seemingly impossible. UConn had not lost since November 17, 2014 and a team that nobody expected to beat them did. After the game, UConn head coach Geno Auriemma gave Mississippi State all the credit and echoed the sentiment around the sports world, Morgan William was the toughest player on the court that night.

Mississippi State will play South Carolina on Sunday for the championship game.


2 thoughts on “UConn’s 111 game win streak snapped by Mississippi State.

  1. Now its Sunday evening and South Carolina has won. This years women’s teams have shown more enthusiasm and joy for playing a game than I realized was possible. Watching the Ducks play more games than anyone thought possible and lose to UConn who lost to Mississippi State, who then lost to South Carolina, and looked like they were having more fun than anyone should be allowed. What a wonderful ride! Cheers to them all!

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