Probably one of the best things I’ve learned about this year is the concept of the Thirdspace. In it’s most basic sense, the Thirdspace is one of lived experience, breaking out of dichotomized classifications of experience. It allows for a discourse on space and life that are fluid, and breaks out of dualism by allowing for the understanding and validation of radical experiences against hegemonic powers (ie white supremacy, capitalism, sexism, heteronormativity, sizeism, etc). Instead of classifying, Thirdspace validates lived experiences with all of their complexities, vulnerabilities, and complications. This kind of understanding has come from radical feminist and critical race theory from authors like bell hooks, Sue Golding, and Edward Soja.

I find it so beautiful because it is literally the ultimate stand against reductionism: an idea that says that in order to truly subvert we need to validate the complex experiences of individuals and communities in spaces of oppression and resistance. ❤


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