Super important regarding our health care

Y’ALL our health is in serious danger. More importantly, the well being of millions and millions of people – especially the elderly, poor, women, and pregnant folks – is going to be completely compromised by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a huge influx of calls to representatives showing that constituents overwhelmingly do not support the AHCA. These calls have actually tangibly impacted the ways in which representatives are voting. Please call your reps today – do a quick search for whip votes to see which ones are on the fence or in support of this atrocious act. If your representatives are on record to vote no, thank them for their commitment to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable American people, thank them for valuing the need of constituents over legislation meant to pad out the pockets of the super wealthy. As of right now, mere hours before a vote, we still do not have an actual written proposal for what this act is supposed to look like. In essence, contributing your voice today means that you refuse to let our healthcare system be something that DT will arbitrarily construct purely for the purpose of greed and with no regard or concern for any consequences of his cobbled together legislation. Remember that if this does not pass, DT will leave the ACA in place and move on to destroying other parts of our democracy instead.

Go go! Participate!


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