Happy Friday continued..

So, as my friend Claire has arrived, a lot has been on my mind. We had a long talk last night after I introduced her to my girlfriend. My girl let us have our catch up time and we talked throughout the night and she made me promise to tell her what’s going on in my life and that I can trust her completely. She also apologized for introducing me to Josh and admitted that she was mad more at herself and blames herself for the entire situation I told her that of course it was not her fault and she can’t put someone else’s violent nature on herself. I also reminded her that things had been good at one point and that he wasn’t abusive the entire time. We again got into our usual political debate, I of course asked her about her boyfriend, and she finally admitted that she never was actually that upset about me telling someone else first, she was just jealous, which I already knew.


She asked how everything was going with my new girl and how my brother was doing and wanted to help with my fashion line in anyway she could. She told me she really liked my girlfriend and thought it was the first person I seemed serious about in a long time. She also said that she gave my girl the talk, which I still actually don’t know what that means other than she has done this with every one I have ever dated.


As I get ready to introduce the rest of my friends to my girlfriend (we are all having dinner tonight)  the one person who I actually cared if they liked my girlfriend (Claire), already told me I would be the stupidest person to let this one go. In lieu of the political and personal craziness going on, I have learned having a great support group around you can make all the difference in the world.


Happy Friday!!

PS, I think this photo from yesterday, sums up how well they get along 10458350_10207742937867405_2913309518906575808_n.jpg



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