Compliment each other, y’all

ok so this is a little mush, but I’m trying to embody the wholesomeness 2017 campaign, and maybe it balances out my other recent posts.

I chat with fellow medical students on break all the time, and today I casually asked one them if they were interested in doing medical case management because I thought they had a calming and reassuring demeanor and that they’d be a really good fit. they responded that they were interested and we chatted about it for a bit. they came back at me and said that they were impressed with how informed I was from the conversations we’ve had and that they thought anyone who got to know me would be really lucky because I am a kind and caring person.

y’all, there is immense power in sincere compliments and uplifting one another. I’m incredibly, incredibly self critical to the point of being completely debilitated. but there’s something very disarming about comments like this. ones that don’t come from your best friend, or your family, or your therapist, but rather someone who only catches glimpses of you, who has no reason to be bullshitting you. and I’m very sorry to everyone close to me who continues to reassure me even when I refuse to accept it all the time – my brain does shitty things sometimes.



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