Spring break and moving forward

Since I wrote my last blog post about my religious breakdown, I realized how much better I felt after writing my feelings and experiences out. While this was originally supposed to be a political blog, I have decided to make it a life blog with categories which include my thoughts and poetry and other creative material I produce.

After I started medical school two weeks ago, right about the time I was attempting to deal with the whole Canadian girl situation , Eric and I made a mutual decision to split up. He wanted to go back to New York to start looking for a job and I wanted to focus on school and my art. I assumed I would remain single. I was still very upset that the Canadian girl wouldn’t talk to me and I called my best friend to tell her about the situation who told me that everything happens for a reason. I remember laughing thinking she was being silly and scoffed. I told her I had to get ready for my first day of biochemistry lab tomorrow.

When I got to my lab in the morning, I was paired with this incredibly gorgeous blonde girl and we instantly clicked. Now I had told everyone, including myself, I was going to be 100% single for at least a month, but I found myself forgetting this, and we exchanged numbers. We immediately began texting and our communication resembled that of the one that the Canadian girl and I had, though I knew her name and had met her.

As the girl and I grow closer and closer, I finally asked her if she wanted to spend spring break with me in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, which she accepted. Now I don’t know what is going to happen with this girl, or if anything will happen, but I do understand what my friend was saying that everything happens for a reason. I still think about the girl in Canada from time to time, but I also understand now that maybe her harsh email was a blessing in disguise.


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