Democrats Elect New Committee Leader, Tom Perez

To say Democrats have had a disappointing year is a grave understatement. What was supposed to be a celebratory January inauguration, Democrats have instead found themselves in rebuilding mode.

Beginning with the shocking victory of President Donald Trump In November, Democrats have been forced to reexamine their entire party and its base. In the months leading up to the election, pollsters and media professionals had shown Hillary Clinton with a solid lead over Trump. What was expected to be a landslide victory, quickly turned into a nightmare for the Democratic party. After the election, it became clear, the Democratic Party needed changes, starting with the most obvious of places, a new Committee Leader

In a heated race, Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected to take over the party, which has been battered by loses. As the Huffington Post notes, ‘Perez bashed Trump and the “know-nothing movement,” and vowed to lead Democrats to victory against the president in 2020.“We are one family, and I know we will leave here united today, no doubt about that,” Perez said. “We are indeed the party that turns hardship into hope. We are the party that turns doubts into dreams.”(Huffpost article)

With many issues at play, Democrats hope that Perez can unite the party and prepare for the 2020 Election.


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