America As We Know It

In the last month since the inauguration, America as we know it has changed completely. Since President Trump has taken office, a series of executive orders and new cabinet picks has caused anguish among many who see the values that make America special disappear.

Many of Trump’s cabinet picks have created backlash from the beginning. Betsy Devos, a billionaire and Philanthropist, barely had enough votes, even from within the Republican Party, to be confirmed for Secretary of Education. Criticized for her lack of experience, Devos faced a tough hearing in which she was thoroughly questioned about her knowledge and experience. The second cabinet pick to receive backlash was former Georgia attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Sessions, now the U.S. Attorney General, faced backlash for his record in Georgia and being accused of racism. Sessions, also was confirmed.

As the administration takes place and we watch to see what unfolds, many fear for their lives and safety, as they see their rights slowly being stripped of them. The America we once knew, that welcomed people of all walks of life, is now a place where because of your faith, you could be denied entry. Once a place where if you had a medical condition, you could be treated because of the ACA, is now a place where a preexisting condition could cost you insurance.

Is America as we know it changing, absolutely, the question now becomes how do we move forward and use our fear and anger to create a safe and positive place that inspires people to do social change.


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