Post Inauguration Thoughts

If you voted third party, voted for and/or support the Trump administration – you voted to dehumanized and invalidate the existence of me, many others you may know, and far more people who’s lives and experiences you will never know.

I don’t care how bad you thought Obama was. I don’t care how crooked you thought Hillary was going to be. I acknowledge that neither of these people – these politicians are perfect. We elect officials who will best represent this country and better the lives of as many people as possible, not a select few. This election is not politics as usual. In the WH there’s a man who’s looking out for his own self interest before that of the countries, and has lied and continues to lie to get to where he is now.

And let me tell you. I am afraid. And I have NEVER been afraid in my own country the way I am now.

I am a proudly a mixed race person and believe in religious freedom

I have two friends, a married couple who are honestly two of the sweetest people I have every met in my entire life. I love them dearly. They radiate kindness and generosity and they’ve known me since before I was born. They came here to the U.S. as college students from Iran, they’ve since become citizens and have been for 35+ years. They’re accomplished architects helping to build the infrastructure of this country. And because of this hateful and disgusting Muslim ban, I’m terrified for what will happen to them if they visit Iran to visit family, will they be let back into the country that’s been their home, where their lives are?

There are people that have had abortions, myself included, because the pregnancy is so risky the life of mother and child are in danger. In many cases the baby is so premature or so ill that they won’t make it and by continuing to carry the baby, the life of the woman is put at risk.

There are people who know that they are unwilling and/or unable to for a multitude of reasons to raise a child and don’t want that child to have an uncertain fate in the foster care/adoption system so they terminate the pregnancy before it is life.

There are people who are living in fear and pain as a result of sexual assault and live with the shame and guilt forever. I am a survivor of sexual assault and it took me years to get rid of the shame and guilt that riddled my body everyday. cannot even imagine the pain that would be having to be forced to carry a child to term after that sort of trauma.

Why should lawmakers; usually old, white men who as far as I know don’t have uteruses make the rules as to whether or not people who can get pregnant can make decisions about their own bodies.

Why should my queer friends, myself included, have their right to love whomever they love openly and safely be stripped away. Why should my friends anywhere on the trans spectrum have where they take a piss dictated.

Why should affordable healthcare be taken away from the people who need it most when there is no replacement. Why should those with preexisting conditions be punished with outrageous fees and financial burden because of something outside of their control.

Global warming is real, it is a scientific fact NOT a liberal conspiracy not is it a hoax. The earth is rapidly warming at rates that are unlike anything we have ever seen. The ice caps are melting, species are dying out and water levels are rising. It is INTEGRAL that we switch to green energy and renewable energy as soon as we possibly can, to save ourselves and this rock we call home.

We need to respect and protect the bodies and land of the indigenous people whose land was stolen and people were slaughtered. Instead of letting greed get the better of us and putting pipelines that we don’t want near our homes in theirs is disgusting. How about tending to the water crisis that has been facing the Flint community for almost four nears now.

So before you complain about the protests. Before you complain about people being angry and scared. Before you tell someone to “get over it” think about the true, silent minority. Think about the people upon which this country’s backs and bodies were built and to this day they aren’t given thanks.


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